Anna and Sergey Stopnevich

«If you want to make a good deed, you have to fight for it»

Limassol, Cyprus

Together Forever

Anna and Sergey Stopnevich: «If you want to make a good deed, you have to fight for it»

People come into charity, usually, in different ways. Moscow financiers Anna and Sergey Stopnevich had a personal motive to create private charitable fund Together Forever in Cyprus. Its aim is to help children, whose diseases require immediate neurosurgical intervention, which for some reason proved impossible in Russia.

They were not going to linger here for a long time. Cypriotic winter is cold, despite its +17, stiffened on a thermometer. You start to feel it when you are at home. For all the money, this marble cannot be warmed. And if it were not for their circumstances, would they sit here to admire the palms bending under the gusts of the wind, or on the sea, which is slowly but surely filled with ice lead, changing the familiar blue Mediterranean palette to the northern tin ebb? Cyprus in winter is another country. And life for them here, too, has become different. “You just have to be patient and wait for the results”,- as Professor Wagner advised them in Mainz.

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